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6'1 - 185cm


36 - 92cm


32 - 81cm


8 - 42 





Alec is a London based creative professional and has worked with brands such as Newlook men and Hugo Boss. As well as working in front of the camera with brands such as ITV and the BBC for documentary purposes and personal interviews. He has more work coming out later this year with the likes of channel 4 and Neutrogena. 


Alec actively works within two fields.. The first is Body positivity and skin. Alec has a condition called vitiligo in which means his skin will not allow for the darker pigments to fully develop leaving beautiful little white specs and patches. In turn which lead him to be an ambassador for the British skincare foundation and a key spokesperson with the National vitiligo society in which he has appeared on platforms such as Fox news  USA and The BBC as well as doing open panel discussions. 


The second field is the LGBTQ+ scene. Alec identifies as a proud bisexual man and loves working on projects that do nothing but boost people in living their true authentic selves and speakes about his own personal stories in which he hopes relates and empowers people that maybe are in the fortunate position of being free like himself and how in which he identifies. 


Alec has a love for fashion and style too, in which originally is how Alec sparked his current success within the influencing world, collaborating with brands such as New look men, University of Westminster, Db Berdan, and puma... To name a few. Fashion and styling are something that will always be a part of Alec's life and something that will always be a strong base for his passions. 

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